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Patient Safety

Low Radiation Dose

Ammonia N-13 offers the lowest radiation dose to the patient compared to all other SPECT and PET myocardial perfusion radiopharmaceuticals. High sensitivity PET and PET/CT scanners with 3D imaging capabilities allow for half-dose protocols and therefore can routinely provide a complete Ammonia N-13 rest/stress CFR study with as little as 1 mSv. or less radiation exposure to the patient. 4

MPI Protocol5Average effective
MPI dose (mSv)
Average effective dose
from CT attenuation
correction (mSv)
Average total
effective dose (mSv)
201TI /99mTc-SPECT29.3 0.530.3
Two-day 99mTc-SPECT12.8-15.70.513.8-16.7
One-day 99mTc-SPECT9.9-11.40.510.9-12.4
Stress-only 99mTc-SPECT7.1-
Rb-82 PET (2D)
N-13 Ammonia (2D)

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