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Powerful Prognostic Indicator

Ammonia N-13 with CFR

Ammonia N-13 with CFR is a strong predictor of patient outcomes. CFR offers improved risk stratification and has proven to be an independent predictor of adverse outcomes. The results of one study on the long-term prognostic value of Ammonia N-13 with CFR demonstrated that an abnormal CFR, regardless of normal or abnormal perfusion images, was associated with higher adverse cardiac events. Conversely, a normal perfusion along with a normal CFR suggested a 3-year “warranty” period. 3

Consider adding a cardiac PET program to your current service line. cardiac PET can be a quality solution for ensuring lower healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes.

Ammonia N-13 with CFR graph shows that an abnormal CFR was associated with higher adverse cardiac events

3. Herzog et al. “Long-Term Prognostic Value of 13N-Ammonia Myocardial Perfusion Positron Emission Tomography” JACC 2009; 150-6