Superior Diagnostic Accuracy

High Spatial and Contrast Resolution Images

Ammonia N-13 cardiac PET imaging with coronary flow reserve (CFR) provides high spatial and contrast resolution images. The high-resolution PET detectors optimize the low kinetic energy of Ammonia N-13 producing sharp myocardial perfusion images. The statistically high-count Ammonia N-13 images of the myocardium are a result of the rapid clearance from blood pool, high first-pass extraction, high retention in the myocardium, and a relatively long physical half-life. Ammonia N-13 consistently produces high-quality diagnostic studies regardless of patient size or gender.

Consider adding a cardiac PET program to your current service line. cardiac PET can be a quality solution for ensuring lower healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes.

N-13 Ammonia MPI PET/CT with CFR1 9680938992
99mTc MPI CZT SPECT28767925383
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