Company Overview

Who is Ionetix?

Ionetix is a pioneering radio-pharmaceutical end to end solution provider for cardiac PET imaging borne out of an unmet clinical need in this space. We are changing the paradigm when it comes to access to one of the most accurate PET imaging agents for the detection of coronary artery disease. 

What We Do

Ionetix installs, operates and manages cyclotrons producing the necessary doses of Ammonia N-13 at or near the imaging suite. Being near the patient is critical as this tracer only has a ten-minute half-life and must be administered to the patient within minutes of production.

  • Deliver Unit Doses to Scanner Room
  • Produce Up to 3 Doses Per Hour
  • Physician & Technologist Training
  • Preceptorship Available
  • On-Site Training for Technologists
  • Over Read Service
  • Reimbursement Assistance

Ammonia N-13 is a generic, FDA approved fully reimbursed by Medicare and private payers. Although there are other tracers available for myocardial perfusion imaging, the vast majority of key opinion leaders agree that Ammonia is the gold standard when it comes to image quality, flexibility and quantitation of coronary blood flow.

Your Turn-Key Solution

Ionetix, through a partnership or independently, will install, license, and operate the ION-12SC  production system within or located near your facility. This will include the ION-12SC cyclotron, synthesis, dispensing system, and QA/QC equipment. Ionetix will maintain the equipment and ensure that the system is in good working order. Ionetix will be responsible for compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations for both radioactive materials and PET drug manufacturing. We will also provide the staff to operate and support the cyclotron.