Ion-12​sc Cyclotron

Ion-12sc Cyclotron​

Ionetix has developed the next generation, first-of-its-kind cyclotron which represents an order of magnitude improvement over conventional cyclotron technology. The ION-12 SC is a 12 MeV, 10 μA superconducting cyclotron that uses a patent-protected design based on superconducting magnets to shrink its footprint. It can provide consistent and reliable N-13 Ammonia PET radiopharmaceutical at the point-of-care to meet the most demanding MPI workload.

This technology will usher in an era in which PET radioisotopes can be produced on-demand, simplifying the logistical flow of high volume labs. Considering the limited availability of these radiopharmaceuticals until now due to their short half-lives and the size, expense, and complexity of conventional cyclotrons, this is a major step forward in the diagnostic capability of nuclear imaging.