Ionetix has developed the next generation, first-of-its-kind cyclotron which represents an order of magnitude improvement over conventional cyclotron technology. The ION-12 SC is a 12 MeV, 10 μA superconducting cyclotron that uses a patent-protected design based on superconducting magnets to shrink its footprint. It can provide consistent and reliable N-13 Ammonia PET radiopharmaceutical at the point-of-care to meet the most demanding MPI workload.

This technology will usher in an era in which PET radioisotopes can be produced on-demand, simplifying the logistical flow of high volume labs. Considering the limited availability of these tracers until now due to their short half-lives and the size, expense, and complexity of conventional cyclotrons, this is a major step forward in the diagnostic capability of nuclear imaging.


Compared to our competition, there is no reliance on production of parent isotopes or waiting on shipments from outside vendors. Instead, the radiopharmaceutical is produced in, or very close to, the hospital or clinic – providing true “dose-on-demand” delivery of N-13 Ammonia.


Ionetix developed the ION-12 SC by commercializing superconducting cyclotron technology developed at the MIT Plasma Fusion Laboratory with collaboration from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Russia), Superconducting Systems Inc. (USA), Tesla Engineering Ltd. (UK), and Technalogix Inc. (Canada). Several of our key employees are from the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL).

With an internal target, the ION-12 SC is a single-purpose production system producing N-13 Ammonia in-target.


  • Significantly smaller size, lighter weight and lower cost than conventional cyclotrons.
  • Compact size/weight allows for placement in hospital or clinic.


Consumes less power and requires less radiation shielding.


The low price of the ION-12 SC opens a very large market, ranging from hospitals to smaller practices looking for mobile service.


Significantly shorter installation time and simpler operations.


The simplicity of the design means that it requires only 1-2 FTEs to operate the ION-12 SC (a conventional cyclotron typically requires a staff of 5).


The ION-12 SC is capable of producing 75mCi of N-13 Ammonia every 10 minutes, ensuring dose-on-hand whether you use exercise treadmill or pharmacologic stress.


Find out why producing N-13 Ammonia on-site can make all the difference for your cardiac PET program.

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