IONETIX, a leading cyclotron technology and isotope manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the FDA approval for N-13 Ammonia manufacturing at their Miami, FL location to support CIRA (Center for Imaging and Research of America). CIRA has been the leading independent imaging facility serving the greater Florida market area for nearly twenty years, priding themselves on bringing cutting edge diagnostics to the community. CIRA will be using the N-13 Ammonia manufactured by IONETIX to perform Cardiac PET imaging. Cardiac PET is used to diagnose, and risk stratify patients with coronary artery disease. Its superior image quality and ability to perform quantitative analysis is why it is considered the “gold standard” of non-invasive cardiac imaging for the detection and evaluation of CAD.

“The Top 16 Universities in the U.S. provide Cardiac PET/CT service using N-13 Ammonia, and we are proud to be the first to provide this capability to patients in South Florida.” stated Rick Rippin, CIRA CEO. “In my opinion, N-13 is the gold standard in Cardiac PET and provides significant advantages over other tracers by improving image quality, improving quantification of myocardial blood flow, and enabling treadmill stress capability.”

Kevin Cameron, CEO of IONETIX added, “CIRA is our 7th site approved by the FDA, and several more sites are underway. We are passionate at IONETIX about bringing our unique solution for N-13 Ammonia as a service to hospitals and outpatient office settings across the United States.”

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