Alpha Therapy

Alpha Therapy

Applying proprietary cyclotron technology to produce therapeutic alpha radionuclides for use in Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT)

We have opened a new facility in Lansing, Michigan dedicated to Alpha Radionuclide Manufacturing. This facility has full isotope production and processing, drug manufacturing and distribution logistics for both Actinium-225 and Astatine-211.

Why Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT)?

TAT utilizes monoclonal antibodies, peptides, or other small molecules that are designed to target a specific receptor on cancer cells. Alpha isotopes are then attached to these cancer-targeting molecules. Once injected into a patient, the molecule will seek out those specific receptors, both in cancerous tumors and disseminated metastasis, and deliver the attached alpha isotope directly to the cancer cells where it will destroy the cancer while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue.

Nelson, B.J.B., et al.  “Targeted Alpha Therapy: Progress in Radionuclide Production, Radiochemistry, and Applications.”  Pharmaceutics  2021, 13, 49.
Targeted alpha therapy

How TAT works

PRECISION ONCOLOGY:  Because of their high linear energy transfer (LET) and large particle size, alpha isotopes are ideal radionuclides for cancer therapy. High LET causes irreparable double strand DNA breakage within cells, leading to cell death. As a result, only a few alpha particles are necessary to kill a cancer cell. Additionally, alpha particles only travel a very short distance due to their large size. Therefore, alpha isotopes offer scalpel-like control within a focused 2-3 cell diameter, enabling it to target and kill just the cancer cells with minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

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Alpha particles
Actinium 225
Astatine 211

Alpha Isotopes

RADIONUCLIDE SCALPELS: While there are several alpha isotopes that can be considered for use in TAT, Actinium-225 and Astatine-211 are two alpha isotopes that have been researched extensively for decades and are now actively being investigated for clinical therapeutic applications. However, both Actinium-225 and Astatine-211 have historically had supply chain challenges and therefore they will be the initial focus of our Targeted Alpha Therapy Program.

Nelson, B.J.B., et al. “Targeted Alpha Therapy: Progress in Radionuclide Production, Radiochemistry, and Applications.” Pharmaceutics 2021, 13, 49.

A vertically integrated supply chain for TAT

Beginning in Lansing, MI, we have acquired a 10,000 sq. ft. facility where a 30 MeV cyclotron will be installed and dedicated to alpha isotope production and radiolabelling. From there, the alpha isotopes can be distributed via our expanding network of diagnostic N-13 Ammonia cyclotron facilities. For shorter half-life alpha isotopes, the actual tagging to the cancer targeting molecules and distribution to patients will occur at these regional sites.

Our comprehensive production, manufacturing and distribution network strategy will provide maximum market coverage and unfettered patient access.


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