Company Overview

The Ionetix research and development team has played a significant role in developing a majority of all the super conducting accelerators used today.

Ionetix Corporation was founded to commercialize superconducting cyclotron technology developed at the MIT Plasma Fusion Laboratory. We’re the first company to apply this innovation to create a compact, affordable, simple-to-operate cyclotron for the production of PET radioisotopes.


Cyclotrons use magnets to direct accelerating protons in a circular path until they collide with a target, producing PET radioisotopes.


Ionetix has developed the next generation, first-of-its-kind cyclotron representing an order of magnitude improvement over conventional cyclotron technology. The ION-12SC uses a patent-protected design based on superconducting magnets to shrink its footprint.

With an innovative, ultra-compact design, the system can be installed directly in the clinic or nuclear cardiology department, fully integrating the tracer production at the point of imaging.


We believe this technology will usher in an era in which PET radioisotopes can be produced on-demand within the clinic or hospital. Considering the limited availability of these radiopharmaceuticals until now and their short half-lives, plus the size, expense, and complexity of conventional cyclotrons, this is a major step forward in the diagnostic capability of nuclear imaging.

Partner With Us

Our mission is to enable more healthcare providers to provide cost-effective, highly accurate cardiac PET imaging with on-site production of N-13 Ammonia. We will offer guidance and educational services to seamlessly assist our customers in improving or starting a cardiac PET service line.

Our impressive technology, employee experts, and sound investment backing makes us an ideal partner.

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We’re confident that our cardiac PET partnership Ammonia N 13 program and/or 18F solution will help grow your practice or service line. We look forward to hearing from you.