Do Your Myocardial Perfusion Studies Look Like This?
Access to Ammonia N-13 Solved
Ammonia N-13, On Demand
An alternative to pharmacologic stress
Treadmill Stress
Improved Accuracy
Myocardial Blood Flow Calculations
Improved Workflow
Clinical Dose Scheduling Application
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Paradigm shift: Ammonia N-13 available on demand, anytime, anywhere

Ammonia N-13 now available at virtually any medical facility

Ionetix Corporation is a pioneering radiopharmaceutical end to end solutions provider for cardiac PET. We are changing the paradigm when it comes to access to one of the most accurate PET imaging agents for the detection of coronary artery disease, Ammonia N-13. Until now, this radiopharmaceutical was only available to a select group of institutions due to its very short half-life and the need for a large and expensive cyclotron on site. Ionetix can now provide virtually any hospital or private center with on demand Ammonia N-13 doses without the need to purchase a cyclotron!

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