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The decision to start a Cardiac PET program may be considered a daunting task for some facilities given the many considerations and decisions associated with moving forward. To make this process more manageable, IONETIX is offering a wide variety of consulting services on an as-needed basis for Cardiac PET Imaging Programs in both the private practice and hospital setting.

We provide a turnkey approach to utilize the most advanced FDA-approved MPI tracer for their Cardiac PET program
  • Exploration call

  • Step-by-step outline provided

  • Layout consultation and sketch (if desired)

  • Regulatory assistance/guidance

  • Laboratory accreditation application amendment assistance/guidance

  • Camera selection (leasing options)

  • Software selection and deployment

  • Technologist training including imaging protocol review and deployment training, image optimization, injector use review and deployment training, and myocardial blood flow acquisition training and application

  • Patient selection criteria development

  • Stress agent selection and use

  • Interpreter training and consultation

  • Myocardial blood flow initial training and application

  • Referring physician education

  • Accreditation services

Our expert staff has over 65 years of extensive experience in launching a successful Cardiac PET program
Joe Oliverio

Joe Oliverio, BS, MBA
VP, Clinical Operations

April Mann, MBA, CNMT, NCT, RT{N) VP Clinical Development

April Mann, MBA, CNMT, NCT, RT{N)
VP Clinical Development

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