February 5, 2024, Lansing MI – IONETIX, a leading cyclotron technology and isotope manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with Provision Diagnostic Imaging in Knoxville which utilizes N-13 Ammonia manufactured on site by IONETIX.  Provision Diagnostic Imaging is a free-standing outpatient diagnostic center, recognized as a regional leader and pioneer rooted in global technology development in medical diagnostics and most often the first to bring innovative and advanced technology to patients and providers in the East Tennessee region.  “Provision Diagnostic Imaging’s commitment to partner with Ionetix in offering a Cardiac PET/CT program is another way to serve our community with advanced technology that brings more timely diagnosis and treatment options to patients that impact the most desired clinical outcomes”, says Nick DeLaura, VP Provision Health Services.

“We are very pleased to launch this new site in Knoxville, in partnership with Provision, and excited to make this cutting-edge diagnostic modality available to the physicians and patients there. Provision shares our vision for making these advanced diagnostic tools more broadly accessible, and their commitment to give patients in the region access to the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging makes them an excellent partner,” said Anthony Stagnolia, President of IONETIX Diagnostics. “Provision in Knoxville is our 9th active site, and we have several more sites underway nationally.  We are passionate at IONETIX about bringing our unique solution for N-13 Ammonia to our partners, and most importantly the patients they serve. 

About IONETIX: IONETIX is a US-based cyclotron and technology company founded in 2009. IONETIX offers turnkey N-13 Ammonia services domestically, as well as cyclotron equipment and installation services globally.

About Provision Diagnostic Imaging:  Provision Diagnostic Imaging, founded in 2005, is a free-standing, outpatient center conveniently located on a medical campus in Knoxville, Tennessee, serving a multi-state region.  Accreditations through the American College of Radiology include Positron Emission Tomography, Nuclear Medicine, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  www.provisiondiagnosticimaging.com