Lansing, MI – IONETIX, a leading Cardiac PET solutions and isotope manufacturing company, is excited to announce our expanded partnership with Center for Imaging and Research of America (CIRA) in Sarasota with the opening of their new PET/CT imaging facility utilizing N-13 Ammonia manufactured by IONETIX. CIRA has been a leading independent imaging provider serving the Florida market for over twenty years, bringing cutting edge diagnostics to the community. Cardiac PET/CT is a first line non-invasive tool used to diagnose and risk stratify patients with coronary artery disease.\

“We are excited to open our latest operational facility in Sarasota, which is one of several sites coming online as part of the CIRA partnership over the next few months. CIRA continues to be an outstanding partner and shares our vision to improve patient access to Cardiac PET performed with N-13 Ammonia,” states Anthony Stagnolia, President of IONETIX Corporation. “This CIRA location in Sarasota demonstrates our continued commitment to our mission to broaden access and utilization of limited-availability isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals to establish new “standards of care” for cardiology and oncology patients.”

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